It all started while I was cuddling my dog Mimi : Mimi was a Papillion ( a French dog) and my  mother had bought Mimi as a birthday gift, when we had lived in France. We had moved to Scotland from Paris and it was all Germany’s fault. When Germany started bombing, Mother decided it was to dangerous to stay in Paris. Her words had been, ‘”France has been bombed many times, if we stay here, I’ll lose you Summer. Listen, I know it’s hard, but this is really happening, it’s a war: your friends might stay here in France however, you know you have to keep yourself safe okay? I had murmured in reply, while cuddling Mimi while she gave me ANOTHER lecture.

It was when my mother was at work, I decided to take Mimi for a walk. My mother usually let me walk Mimi alone as I am 12 years old however because of the war she wouldn’t let me go out alone anymore. Dad was fighting so he couldn’t look after me. That was one of the things I hated about the war. I couldn’t talk to Mimi on the walk without someone laughing at me and saying I was a weirdo. Even mum had giggled under her breath when she heard me. I knew it was silly to talk to a dog but Mimi always seemed to comfort me. The only person who didn’t make fun, was dad. He understood me and how it was comforting to talk to her.

“BANG!” I new that feeling… it was a bomb. I screamed and ran to the nearest shelter. That’s when I relised Mimi had went in a different direction when the bomb had hit, so I had dropped her lead. My heart skipped a beat as I remembered my mothers words “…You know you haveto keep yourself safe…” I didn’t believe in those words. Since the war started, I had kept telling myself mother was doing the best she could for me and no matter what, I just had to be greatful. Now was when, I finally relised everything she had done and said had made my heart ache. I had always hoped to be successful like my mother: now I wanted to be nothing like her. I new her words were rubbish. I chased after Mimi breathing in the smoke and choking on it at the same time.

Finally, I spotted her whimpering on the pavement. She had a bloody cut at her side, but apart from that, she was fine. She gave a weak wag of her tail when she saw me. I scooped her into my arms and carried her towards the shelter. Another bomb when off. Sweat was dripping from my face. that bomb was so close to me that time. Distant screams filled the air – mine included. I could see the shelter but…would I make it?


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