The horrifying sound of screams filled the are it was like in a horror movie ,but worse,me and my brothers were running for are lives it was like the world was going to end.We rushed to he subway it was the only place that was safe.No sooner as they went down there
other bomb hit.
“What are we going to do.”my brother asked me.
my reply was…“Were all going to die.”
Then I saw my mum on the street battered and bruised, it was like she had got involved in a huge fight, she looked very week.
We worked together to help her up. As soon as we did she started talking. She said with urgency…. “you are going to have to get a train and go to Devon, immediately, its too dangerous here.”
The boys yelled, “ But we don’t want to leave you here.” She pushed away and told us to go. Forgetting the war, we wondered out of the subway. We were at the train station.
“BANG” The bomb had landed near the train station, if we had been any earlier we would have been killed. A train was at the station, we got on amongst the crowd and sat down looking at the devastation. We were on our way to the countryside and to Devon.


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