WW2 Spitfire

The Spitfire is the most famous plane from World War Two. It’s brilliant design helped the British beat the Germans. It had very good speed, turning and firepower. It gave us a big advantage and helped us to win the war. The Messerschmitt was a German aeorplane and could out dive the spitfire. Both spitfire and Messerschmitt can reach up to 350mph- some spitfires have boosters that increased their speed by 34 mph for 5 minutes. The spitfire is the British icon from            World War II(WW2).

The original designer was RJ Mitchell, he died in 1937. The man who took over was Joe Smith and he developed the spitfire to make it more powerful and faster. The latest Spitfire Mark IX had a 1720 horsepower engine and was equipped with both 20mm cannons and .50 calibre machine-guns. The fighters provided crucial air support for the D-Day landings and many were adapted to be fighter-bombers to carry out attacks on German ground forces.


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