WW2 facts

  1. World war two actually started when German troops invaded Poland, they did this on the 1 September 1939.
  2. Then two days after that, the UK and France announced war on Germany.
  3. After, the UK and France announced war on Germany other countries joined in, either on the Allies or Axis, the countries in the Allies army was: UK, America, Soviet Union and France. The Axis army was: Germany, Italy and Japan.
  4. The meaning of Axis means “Pact of steel.”
  5. Then on the 27 May – 4 June 1940 one of the most famous act of World War two happened ( Dunkirk )
  6. Dunkirk happened to the north of France on a beach, where the Allies had to fall back because German troops where all around them, then a miracle happened people from all around the east coast of England took their little boats to save all the men from Dunkirk.
  7. However, the little ships didn’t take them home they took them out to sea where the big boats were because the big boats couldn’t get close to shore.
  8. Properly the worst thing about the war was being a prisoner, you were forced to dig your own grave. You were given tiny pieces of food and forced to walk thousands of miles to a different camp.

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