World War II

It was the day the bombing hit London, people screaming and going crazy all over the place on our street! The bombing day was only a few days after my 10th birthday however it wasn’t that exciting because all I got was a Few sweets and not much else. My mother was panicking and worrying as if we were going to die however it was all ok. This was the first time I actually saw a bomb hit near our street but our house wasn’t ok. It was on the end of the street and was damaged badly…

Me and my mother were in the tube station to get shelter: luckily a bomb didn’t hit straight above us other wise we would be hurt or injured terribly as for others. The Nazis didn’t care who they killed they just wanted to take over our land and rule us for the rest of history and so on; surprisingly it wasn’t to bad for some people but others it was bad. I wondered a lot how much the Germans wanted our land and to rule us forever?

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