world war 2 facts

1 In 1933 the Germans voted Adolf Hitler to be their leader for world war two.

2 Did you know that world war two lasted for six years?  That’s  from 1939 to 19451!

3 The war started on the 1st of September 1939 when the Germans invaded Poland.

4 On the 3rd of September 1939 the UK Prime minister declared war on Germany.

5 There was lots of countries in the was and in the war there was two sides, the Allies or the Axis.

6 In the war some children and some woman were evacuated to the countryside to keep them safe.

7 They carried gas masks around with them and they built air raid shelters under ground so they can hide when the bombs hit.

8 In the war princess Elisabeth and Margret got sent to windor castle for safety.

9 The king and Queen stayed in Buckingham palace and the palace had nine direct hits and it still stayed standing!

10 The war ended the week after the German leader killed himself and then the Allies accepted Germany’s surrender.

I think that world war two would of been a horrible place to be and I hope there is never another world war.

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