word classes

A noun is to be used to identify class people,places or things E.G I scatterd , to the plane because we were going to England. England is the Noun.

A verb is  a word to describe an action or a state it is known as a doing word.E.G I dashed to ask if I could go to the shop.

A adjective is a word that helps discribe a noun.E.G the Ginormas such as big teddy bear slowly walked outside on his own. the adjective was the ginormas and big teddy bear.

An adverb is a word or a phrase which modifies the meaning of an adjective or a noun.E.G that was extremely cool . The adverb was the word extremely.

A preposition is a word that shows the relationship between two other two nearby words.E.G the book was under the monster.

An article is a particular item or object.E.G A,an






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