Wincanton race course

When our class went to Wincanton we found out that the horses in a certain race had to be a certain weight, so their saddle for example if it was 2 lb and it had to be 1 lb they would have to get a smaller saddle ,same as the jockeys.

Whilst we were there we did a few activities; like going into the weighing room we also learnt how heavy stuff is when you need it to be a certain weight to see if the horse needed it.

We then went to the parade ring this is where we measured how long it was.

First we used our feet and I got 100 meters then we used this special measuring stick every time we did a metre it would click and we got 100 clicks or 110 clicks.

The funny thing is the following day at school we had to write about it , Fred wrote his and gave it to our teacher ,she read it out and we all liked what he had written ” my favourite thing was the TV’s”!  The whole class laughed including Fred.

My favourite thing was the racing, I liked it because most of us choose a horse and thought which will win.

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If you want to go here is the link to make you dream of seeing horses racing come true


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