Will I survive?

It’s 1941 and there are air raids every day: right now it is night and this is the longest one in days. The coldness of shelters has already sent many children (including my brother Jack) to the hospital with a rarely – killing flu.

” Get down,” a man shouted as a German bomb landed near the shelter. I was seconds away from the underground; will I make it?

” Pat, run, now,” my Mother screamed in terror as I finally reached the steps.

After a few hours the air raid had died down a bit. All the other children were fast asleep as I worried about the war. It’s been two years since it started. Everyone said it would be over by now but it isn’t. Suddenly, footsteps came towards me, something… or someone was coming. My heart was in my throat as the footsteps came closer towards me. Was this person friend or for?

“Pat… is that you?” The mysterious man asked. As my lamp shone I saw who it was.

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