Why I love the Diamond Planet.

My favourite fact about space is that there is a planet called 55 Cancri e ( or Janssen) and it is made completely out of diamonds.

The reason I like this fact is that diamond is very expensive and to have a whole planet of money. But I doubt we will be able to sell it as it would cost about £26.9 nonillion and it is 40 light years away. Also what’s fascinating about it is that how on Earth would it have been formed : I mean nobody has just plonked a lot of diamond in space for no reason. As well as that it is weird as its other name Janssen means , son of Jan, which means nothing to anybody, well it is one of around 100 billion other planets in the Milky way. Many people can see themselves walking on that planet picking up diamonds, well that will probably never happen, not in their time anyway as there are more important planets to look at.That is why I love the fact that there is a diamond planet in space.

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