When Simon Holebeach came to our school.

On Tuesday(30th January 2018) poler diver, Simon Holebeach came to our school. He showed us some pictures of him in his diving suit and told us all about what he does. For the main part of the session we learned about buoyancy. In the water if you want to go down you release air. To go upwards you would stay the same. To help with buoyancy, you would have 7 heavy weights round your waist.

After learning about buoyancy we made a diver which sits in a water bottle and when squeezed the diver sinks down to the bottom. To make the diver we used a pipette which we drew a face on and some white- tac as weight. We filled a plastic bottle with tap water and put the diver inside. With the lid on the bottle we squeezed it and the diver sunk to the bottom. After making our diver some of us got to go in the diving suit. After that we learned about Boaty McBoatface. Boaty McBoatface is a mini submarine on the RRS Sir David Attenborough which is operated by the British Antarctic survey. I loved our session with Simon Holebeach. It was great fun and an opportunity to learn new things.


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