Whats life without competition?

Stephanie was an amazing dancer, she had just moved to Cornwall from Wiltshire. She had just joined a dance troupe called Breaking point. She had been going there for two weeks and had already made loads of friends. A huge competition was coming up in a month and it was a duet competition. ”Okay you guys choose your duet partner,”explained the coach. They all had to choose a partner and started to make up a duet. When it was time to show the duets to the coach, Stephanie was really nervous because whose  ever duet was best, were the only ones out of the troupe that got to perform in the competition. Once Stephanie had performed the duet, she found out that she had won! She was so happy and exited. She was jumping up and down like crazy! She went home with a huge grin on her face and she couldn’t stop skipping and jumping up and down! When her parents found out, they were so proud of Stephanie.


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