What i would like to find out!

In orchid class our new and exiting topic is space! we have done and learnt So much already but these are a few questions I would like to know the answer to!

.How much oxygen would you need to stay on the moon for two days?

.How does a rocket a engine work?

And I would like to find more about the materials and plastics used to create a space suit. When I have learnt more about this I will do a diagram showing fabrics that would not work as a space suit and fabrics that would!


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  1. How much oxygen would you need to stay on the moon for two days?

    The average adult, when resting, inhales and exhales about 7 or 8 liters of air per minute. That totals about 11,000 liters of air per day.

    Inhaled air is about 20-percent oxygen. Exhaled air is about 15-percent oxygen. Therefore, about 5-percent of breathed air is consumed in each breath. That air is converted to carbon dioxide. So, as far as how much air is actually used, human beings take in about 550 liters of pure oxygen per day.

    So you would need twice this much for two days on the Moon, so 1100 liters! But dont forget Apollo missions took about three days to reach the moon and you would need Oxygen for that too. Now you showed you how to figure out the Oxygen needed for two days, can you work how much you would need for 3 days trip to the moon + 2 days on the moon + 3 days back?

    How does a rocket a engine work?
    Good question and this one takes some explaining. Complex stuff is best explained with pictures and videos so here is one I found for you guys earlier: https://youtu.be/ebhOnf65N9Q

    Now you know how Rockets work, take a look at a REAL space rocket launch. This video shows a Soyuz rocket launch, this is the same kind of Rocket UK Astronaut Tim Peake will launch on in just over two weeks time! https://youtu.be/YDZTm2MgCJk Tim will hopefully launch mid morning if his plans dont change and you guys should ask your teachers if you can watch it live!

    What is a space suit made up of?

    Well a space suit is a hugely important thing to take with you into space. Humans cannot survive outside their spaceships without a space suit. The lack of air (and any atmosphere except a vacuum) is pretty harsh. So the spacesuit is like an astronauts own personal spaceship that can keep them alive, provide air and Oxygen to breath keep you at the right temperature (as space can be very cold in the shade and very hot in the full sun!). The suit also has to be pretty tough to survive if you catch it on anything while your working outside the spaceship. So here is a website showing what NASA hopes to make its next spacesuit like: http://www.space.com/18998-nasa-z-1-spacesuit-graphic.html
    And for the more technically minded, here is an image showing all the layers that make up a spacesuit:

    If you have lots of good space questions you could also sign up to http://imanastronaut.uk/

    I am part of the astro support team for launch zone and you can read my profile here: http://launch.imanastronaut.uk/profile/andrewwinnard/

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