West Wilts Dance Festival

Last night was another opportunity to be so incredibly proud of our children that I was smiling from ear to ear all evening!  Once again, children from Orchid class took part in the West Wilts Dance Festival at the Bath Forum. Having been expertly trained by Karen Hobson, who had put together a superb and exciting routine, the children took to the stage second in proceedings. That on it’s own is a good reason to be both proud and appreciative of the children’s  confidence as the Bath Forum is a venue that regularly hosts major events and seats an audience of hundreds. Yet here were the children dominating the stage and dancing to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, all dressed in authentic American military costume of the period and not missing a beat. The performance was both spellbinding and electric, drawing an enormous cheer from the audience, which was so very well deserved.

Having been just second in the running order, the children could then relax and enjoy the rest of the show, but I know from listening to other schools and talking to colleagues who I saw there that Orchid class’ performance and impact had set the standard. What was so lovely, though, was the huge cheer from the entire audience that the children received as they saluted in the finale.

My sincere thanks go to Karen for organising, resourcing, planning and choreographing a spectacular routine that brought the house down and to the children for entertaining, showing such confidence and for representing our school so brilliantly. I was proud of every one of you. Thank you for a great evening out!

Here is the video of the children’s rehearsal earlier in the day – recording was strictly not permitted last night.

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