Weather and climate facts

  1. Rain is made when water vapour in the air cools down and turns into water droplets.
  2. The most changeable weather on the planet is half way between the Equator and the Poles, where there is a constant friction between warm and cold air.
  3. Air pressure is the weight of air pressing down on the Earth’s surface. Each square metre of the Earth has about 10,000kg of air above it – that’s the weight of two male Elephants!
  4. When air warms up and rises, there is low pressure. When air cools and sinks, there is high pressure. Pressure varies across the planet because different areas receive different amounts of the Sun’s heat.
  5. Wind is caused by warm air rising and cold air moving into replace it.
  6. Climate is the average temperature and rainfall in a place over many years. Climate is influenced by the atmosphere, the oceans and the landscape.
  7. There are lots of different types of climate, such as Polar (cold), Tropical (hot and wet) and Arid (hot and dry). The UK has a Temperate climate, which is very changeable.
  8. The Earth has had all sorts of climates, from very warm to very cold. Millions of years ago, your home could have been in a desert, a jungle or buried in snow.
  9. The highest temperature ever recorded in the UK was 38.5 degrees on the 10th August 2003 in Faversham, Kent.
  10. The highest monthly rainfall in the UK was 1396.4mm in Snowden during December 2015.


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