Walking In Space

I have always wondered what it would be like to walk in Space? I found out that you need to dress carefully to go outside! Without a spacesuit, there’s no air to breathe and the temperature is either freezing cold or sizzling hot. If you stepped out without thinking, you’d drift off into orbit too. Luckily, all astronauts are prepared.

A spacesuit gives an astronaut oxygen to breathe, water to drink and protection against rough surfaces and space rocks. The parts of the suit fit together so no skin shows and it can take up to an hour to put them on! When an astronaut goes outside in space, it’s called a spacewalk. They do a spacewalk if they need to carry out an experiment or fix parts of the International Space Station. In case of emergency, spacewalkers wear a jet-powered backpack called a ‘Safer’.

I think walking in space would be great fun but also quite scary.

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