Voices of the book!

Slowly, I sat down on a bench in the middle of the overgrown woods thinking about the D I got in my test today. Tears began to flood my eyes – I opened my book and began to read calming my thoughts. I was about half way through the book at the stage when a little girl (Riley) got kidnapped by a 38 year old man. Suddenly, I heard a voice: a voice I had never heard before… “R i l e y” it spoke in a faded voice, like the whisperer from Puss in Boots. My heart began to thud as I looked back to see a man, a man that looked like the kidnapper’s character  in the book.  I got scared realising that Riley was taken in a forest and frightfully turned back around hoping he would go. “R i l e y,” the voice was back but no figure behind me. Oh why me? Why now? Why here? All these questions filled my brain. The bright moon (full moon in fact) lit up the spot where the figure had been when slowly the figue began to reappear. An arm. A leg. A head. A torso. All the body parts  finally merged together making a white and black image staring at me ready to scare. “Aaaggghhh” I screamed running through the night, not looking back, never to go to that wood again.

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