The war had ended it was V-day people were celebrating.We were the only ones who haden’t been evacuated!All the houses were still bombed out and factories were still closed.Everyone was dancing along to music.However I was still isolated because i had lost everyone in my family but my brother.He stood by me celebrating only 5 houses stood in the street (one of then was mine).

As i looked down the street i decided to head down towards Buckingham palace as everyone was heading that way.Me and my brother thought we saw the Princess Elizabeth.The figure became more clearer and it was Elizabeth walking down the street and talking to people who had clearly been effected.They were walking down the street and dancing you could see they chose to.

They were going in to mix and celebrate the end of the war.People were really appreciative of this there help supported others and everyone was linking arms and dancing with the princesses.

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