Unicorn World

I was out walking with my family in the forest.  The trees were all as tall as massive buildings, like sky scrapers.  ” Look,whats that?” asked Mya, (who was ten years old).  Under the trees it was quite dark then we saw something glinting.    WHOOSH!  A golden treasure box flew open: inside it was full of golden coins; gems; necklaces and bracelets.  Suddenly, me and all of my family, (even Kirra our pet dog) got sucked into the treasure box.

Inside it was a whole new world, it was bright and sunny and had loads of flowers and green grass.  It was like a wonderland. We were all shocked and amazed by this beautiful place.  Suddenly, we heard a noise and realised something was coming towards us.  At first we felt frightened, but then saw a herd of multi-coloured unicorns with gold sparkling horns.  Surprisingly they could also talk! They showed us around their home and gave us lots of food and drinks.  All too soon it was time for us to go back to our own world and we were all sad to leave such a fantastic place that we would never forget.


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