Under the sea

One day there was a girl called Audrey and she went to the beach , the sand felt soft in between her toes and she loved the blue waves as they hit the bank . She swore when she was in the sea thst she could hear the sea creatures talking to each other, a few hours later Audrey went to the local diving shop and got an aqua lung invented by Jacques Cousteau , the diving suit invented by Leonardo da Vinci and the flippers by Benjamin Franklin . Audrey next went and got changed in her beach house.
“Shall we go and explore the sea now? ” asked her mum Katie
“Sure” answered Audrey as she started to wade through the water but suddenly a man (her dad) started to run over to them .                                                                                                  “Look at this guys ” shouted her dad David .                                                                          “What?” asked Audrey.                                                                                                     “It’s a newspaper about Jacques Cousteau’s son Philippine Cousteau ,it says that he is a treasure hunter” told the dad  .                                                                                                     “Wow that’s so cool” answered Audrey excitedly .                                                                      After they read the article about Philippine Cousteau they jumped back in the deep blue sea ,as they got to the bottom they saw a star fish .

Audrey had forgot her camera but luckily her dad saw her looking for it and swam up to the top and got her the camera .                                                                                                       “Thank you” smiled Audrey thankfully .                                                                                     suddenly, they were interrupted by a wale call ,they looked at each other, swam for miles but Audrey couldn’t see her dad or mum in fact she could see nothing except a big faint shadow coming towards her . Then she panicked and swam up to bank but she was not at the beach any more no she was in a city , the city of New York .                                                                 “Oh no ” she cried worriedly as she climbed out of the sea , Audrey found a nearby information centre and asked for help and  what she should do .                                                                 “I need help “.                                                                                                                    “What is it were here to help “.                                                                                              “I lost my mum and dad on Yuta beach when we heard a wale call so we swam and I looked behind me and I didn’t see them so I swam up and found myself here ”                                      the lady made a call and it sounded positive ,                                                                           “I can get a search party out to look for them if you want ?” .                                                     “Yes please , but how are we going to get back to Yuta ?” .                                                        “Oh silly me I forgot to tell you I am getting you a plane back.” .                                            The mum and dad were found after one hour and they happily got back to Yuta.


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  1. Hello Ruby! Thank you for taking the time to post of the blog. Wow – what a long story! I like how you used the picture prompt slightly differently – it made the story more original. I tried to sort out the formatting issue but just seemed to make it worse – sorry! Remember to make sure that your stories are not just speech driven – lots of action will tell the story a little better. Good speech punctuation though! Well done 🙂

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