Today I, Ugg, is going to hunt big creature so me going to find flint to carve rock into pointy thing. Me also use sneaky traps for bigger prey so now me be off to hunt big thing. Now I behind furry creature herd “Yamma” I yell and me and my troop run and force towards the cliff so furry thing falls off. Now me go down and check if it be dead, but no (Ugger  scared), poke poke, it be dead now. Me and my troop get body and go back to camp, we be using meat for food, fur for cloths, and ivory for stronger weapons. Then we be celebrating for our hunt, it not be often we be get this kind of food. We do painting, more hunting, and finally more painting. The next day we not be needing to go hunting we still got lot’s of food left, we just be chilling for the day, but we need to stay near the fire so we not be freezing to death! We don’t have much to do so we go hunt some rabbits they, are much more of a challenge because they are so much faster.

By Ugg – 9,000BC.


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  1. Ooooooh! Ugg, that must have been quite a challenge to write since you needed to keep the character of the cave man all the way through – OR – ARE you really a cave man? There I go, stereotyping! You could be a cave woman!
    Fantastic imaginative writing – keep it up. Hopefully you might come along to our class blog and comment on something that the students at Ashley School in New Zealand have done.

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