Two hundred word challenge:The Carribean!

It was a humid summer day, and Darrel and Anne were unwinding on the beach when a mist gathered up .”I wonder what that is?” Anne murmured, Darrel was about to respond when a voice addressed “I’ve come to warn you about a battle. Because I am from the future, I will be here when it happens!” the voice ended.

“Who are you and when will this happen?” Darrel said staring into the mist. The voice spoke “I am Cherry and this will happen in about 3 years time…good bye!”

“Well that was unusual, I think I’ll go home”, Anne said, getting up!

3 Years later… “I can see them, and Cherry!” Darrel was balanced on a rock, looking out to sea. “They’ve anchored, they’ve got guns!” The two girls spotted pirates scrambling up the hill, they were on, x marks the spot, there was gonna be a war again.

They fought and fought over the Caribbean treasure until Cherry broke it out saying, ” No need to fight, make peace and some people can live here, and some don’t if they don’t want to!” that ended that .

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