Hi my name is Isla. I live in the Pacific ocean and recently our species have started to die. This is because of plastic. Every body is getting ill because of this terrible stuff we need to make sure that it doesn’t keep coming into our ocean. If you can’t imagine this happening here is a little story that might help you imagine it . Okay, so you are living in a lovely house and you go to school almost every day and you see your friends, teacher and then one day the shops started selling fake plastic food , you get really ill and everybody starts to get poorly as well and the doctors can’t help you and then everybody starts to die. Where ever you walk there is plastic what ever you touch is plastic. Now that was my little story; plastic is really helpful but you need to use it in the right way and dispose of it in the right way. So don’t have single use plastic and recycle every single piece of plastic, it is not to hard just start with the little things and work your way up.


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  1. Hi Izzy. It is lovely to have your tale on our blog. What a clever way to write! You started off with a preface and then you launch into a striking analogy (comparing story – humans vs turtles). You entertained your reader and really made them think. You wrote well and you should be very proud.:-) 🙂

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