As the turtle swam in the open ocean, the dazzling water rippled and the hue of corals glowed. The complexity of the sea was at it’s best in the wonderful sunlight. The various bubbles bombarded him from the sea bed, propelled by the power of a mighty wave. For a few short seconds, the crystal clear water became opaque and the turtle swam on blindly. As the water cleared a strange figure emerged from beneath the turtle. It had large black flippers and one enormous eye, and bubbles streamed from his mouth. What was this weird creature from the deep?  Ah, it was only a diver!

Later, a surfer aqua-planed over the water and the ocean seemed to burn in the light from the setting sun. An array of fish filled up the sea with a rainbow of exotic colours and turtle swam on into the darkening water. That night the turtle paddled on in the light of the silvery moon.



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