Triangulum Galaxy and Saturn facts

Triangulum Galaxy


The Triangulum Galaxy has two names, the Triangulum Galaxy (of course), and M33, is a spiral galaxy. It’s one of the closest spiral Galaxies to the Milky Way. Although it’s one of the closest, it’s still a whopping 3 million light-years away. At 2.5 million light-years away is the closest spiral galaxy, the Andromeda Galaxy. All three galaxies are in a local group, a collection of about 50 galaxies by us.



Saturn is the second biggest planet and the furthest you can see with the naked eye. It’s also the sixth planet from the sun. Fun fact, if you got a swimming pool large enough to fit Saturn in it the giant gas ball would actually float. Its rings are all made up of dust, rocks and ice obtained by comets passing by. Saturn has an atmosphere is made of 75% hydrogen and 25%helium.


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