trapped in the trap!

Mia was a lonely girl. Miserable at school and tired at home.

One day at school Mia noticed a lonely new girl just like herself named Honor had just joined her class.  Mia decided to go and play with her.

Together they played pirates and even built pirate ships together.

One day when they were exploring Honor’s loft Mia found an old chest tucked away in the corner.  “Wow a real treasure chest for our boat!”exclaimed Mia.

Honor had to say “we have to open it ” Mia opened the lid and picked out an old bit of dirty paper.

“A treasure map” Mia said whilst opening it.  “X marks the spot” they both said.

In the morning they met up at the sea side.  Honor had the chest and Mia had a boat. They set out for there lost island. Mia rowed and Honor was map reading. One hour later they found a small island with a little lever on. “What does this do?”asked Mia. Honor pulled it to see what happened!

In the flash of a light an island appeared with a girl on it, she was digging on a cross . “What are you doing here?” she asked.. “TRAPPED!!!” came a voice behind them.


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