When Tim Peake launched  on the 15 December 2015 I felt scared (because he could have died) I felt amazed, proud, happy and wordless!

I found a fact that he has been training for 6 YEARS (6 years can you believe it) that is a very long time!

11: 03am, Tim was launched in to the sky to the ISS.

5:46, till take off, Tim was getting ready to leave Earth, by strapping himself in and making himself secure.

20 seconds left, he was writing in a book, talking and checking and pressing buttons!

when it was on 10 everyone started to count down,
10…9….8….7…..6….5…..4…..3…….2…..1………0….. blast off !!!

When it shot off into the sky, everyone in orchid class started to clap and shout (we all felt proud!).

7 oclock tonight , on BBC two, Tim will be talking live from the ISS ( it will be amazing!).

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