This year

Every year, everything gets harder, it is challenging but a challenge is a part of learning. 

My favourite topic this year, almost definitely was Myths and Legends. I would love to learn how to speak Latin, as the ancient mythology has always caught my eye and if I could speak Latin it would help me understand more, as in the past, Latin was a popular language. My other favourite topic also has to be Earth As An Island as I loved making the island Serim, with Mya and Erin. I also always love to write big writes, quick writes anything to do with freely making up stories. I am one of those people who write stories in their spare time so being able to do it in school, is just something for me to personally look forward to, as well as having such great friends to keep me company.  Maths for me has never been something I loved to do. However when it comes to doing it in a creative thought out way, it makes me want to do it. 

I also thoroughly enjoy learning French songs (even though have the time we don’t know what we are singing halve the time)!

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