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This year has been a brilliant year. For starters, there was the amazing topics that we did. My personal favourite was ‘Out of Africa’ because we found out a lot of different foods and recipes that they ate. Also ‘Myths and Legends’ was a very good topic because we studied new myths and new legends that we had never heard of before.Bhutan was an interesting country to cover as they have a very different lifestyle to us and lots of other countries. They are also a very environmentally conscious country and they have a king who retired because he did not want his son to become king when he died because it would have been a sad time for his son. We also covered ‘Earth as an Island’ which was learning about pollution and the plastic problem. We found out about how long it took for some plastics to break down and how it affected the climate change. We got to design our own island and I was in a group with Izzy and Cam. 

For english, we have done quite a few quick writes. I personally enjoy the big writes because I get to write more and I enjoy that. Comprehension is not my favourite but I get on with it and I finish most of my work.

In maths, we have recently been doing place value. I’d say that my favourite subject in maths is BODMAS. I’d say that my least favourite things are word problems. Right now, we are recapping on percentages. All in all, I have pretty much enjoyed everything this year and I can’t wait for the next one.


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  1. Wow Megan – what a fab recount of all you have learnt this year! I am so pleased you have enjoyed it. I have enjoyed learning about climate change from you and also Bhutan. I wonder what year 6 will have in store for you all … Love Mum

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