this is Halloween

“Ahhhhhhhhh” screeched a little girl named Alice                                                                     “haha Igot you” laughed Carla                                                                                               it was a dark gloomy night on Halloween people were going trick or treating however someone got took by a killer clown who was her dad called Egg. She did not know it was her dad yet it reminded me of a time when I got lost in a forest and I just about heard a voice coming from out the tree it whispered “this is Halloween  everybody scream (aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh). ”                She sprinted across to the random house in the middle of the forest she hid in it “ooohooho.”




by Ruby,Daisy,Tula and Zak


this is Halloween — 3 Comments

  1. Amazing story you four happy halloween I loved every single bit of it because of the amazing ideas keep it up!
    What happend when she ran into the random house?

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