There is life

” Finally,” the captain spoke: they landed on planet Spoc. All the astronauts were relieved, it had taken them 10 years to get there, and the space ship was running low on fuel, and one of the engines had broken. They set up camp just by where they landed. Suddenly, that night a luminous light shone through the tent, while they were sleeping. One of the astronauts saw it from the corner of his eye, he slowly got out of his sleeping bag, and like a ninja opened the tent flap. ” AHHHHHH!” he bellowed, someone… or something grabbed him. That morning, the captain woke up and opened the tent flap, and what he saw was nauseating; a blood trail. Immediately he woke all the astronauts up and followed this blood trail. Ten minutes, they came across this mammoth cave, with the trail of blood leading right into it. All of a sudden, when they walked in an ear-splitting noise echoed through out the cave. Then out of the shadows a nightmarish beast appeared… and they were never seen again.

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