The WW2 Begins

There were bombs exploding children crying and Germans were invading but there was one child his name was Lonnie, he was hiding in a black gloomy trench hiding from the Germans until then there was a big crash near him he wanted to look but he new it was dangerous so he stayed sitting in his seat. There was another bomb that had hit near him so he (very stupidly) ran out side and tried to find more shelter. He had now found a building that surprisingly still looked in good shape well that’s what Lonnie thought, as he was sneakily crouching into the house a bomb was dropped and it hit the house Lonnie felt knackered he thought if he is going to die he might as well do it for his parents. But then the Germans had finally left Lonnie did have to see if it was safe, as he looked out there he could see: bricks, cars, people and even great big holed in the ground as he looked over to were he was sitting in the trench with a face that almost made him happy because there was a bomb there so he was happy he didn’t get blown up but then realised that he could see someone it looked like his father! He ran into his arms with delight.

“Are you okay father?” Lonnie had questioned

“I am now I’m here with you” His father answered with a tearful voice falling down Lonnie started to get worried “father please get up please” Lonnie cried as his father was struggling to breathe. Lonnie said to his mind i’ve got to stay strong so he did and left his father lying-there-dying Lonnie was thrilled to see his mother walking along the street calling for him but he didn’t want to see her he had to quickly run and try to find his belongings then. He eventually found a very important belonging that used to be his grandpa’s he had given it Lonnie just before he had died in world war 1,  Lonnie had finally found some of his belongs then his mother was happy to see him his mother was very surprised to see him and was extremely proud of him to be alive as they both walked very fast to try to find shelter Lonnie whispered to his mother,”Father is dead” everywhere went silent until the air raid sirens started to go off Lonnie and his mum ran like a flash to try and find shelter until suddenly, something was quite weird because the planes coming were not Germans they looked like English planes! Everyone (who was alive) cheered for there soldiers to come back Lonnie asked his mother, “Does this mean that the war is over?”

With a cheerful answer she shouted “YES IT DOES LONNIE IT REALLY DOES!” everyone was so happy that the war was over. A few years later when everything was rebuilt and looking fabulous everyone had celebrated with joy…





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