The Unusual Spoon

Crash! The lightning hit the roof like a bullet. From their place of shelter in their small bathroom, the Johnson family screamed and huddled together. The night drew on and the storm got increasingly brutal, reaching its worst at midnight when gales of wind bombarded the house and rain lashed against the rattling windows. Finally, the storm died down and by sunrise, the skies had cleared.

“The Storm’s over!” cheered Jamie (a member of the Johnson family).

As the mother and father awakened they stepped outside and saw their neighbourhood had changed…

Windows had been shattered, trees had been torn from the ground, lamp posts had been blown over, and everywhere was littered with rubbish. Dad walked down the street looking at the ruin. When he reached the end of the street, he turned the corner and stopped in his tracks.

“Come here!” he shouted to the others. Jamie and Mum rushed to the corner and what they saw made their jaws drop to the floor.

A colossal-sized cherry on an immense spoon lay in the middle of the town pond. “What on Earth is that?” said Mum.

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