The Unicorn

Dear diary,
I have just woken up and found fresh breakfast of apples and berk. I settle my pearl wings down and I know I shouldn’t do that because I know that I am so ill… I might not get back up again. Actually, I know I’m not getting back up again. I am going to die here, all alone… knowing that someday you will grow without me… and forget about me. I am afraid to say that all I have is bad news. After being banned from the blessing (a group of unicorns and Pegasus’) I am not able to heal myself. After a gigantic war against unicorns Pegasus’ and centaurs, my wounds aren’t going to heal themselves. Every time I look at my chest, I might as well be blind to see that I am dying. I need at least five unicorns and five Pegasus’ to heal this particular wound. It’s almost like there is a hole in my heart… well actually, I know there is. I still remember the Unicorns horn plunging deep into my heart. I have a few days left I suppose. Once I die, and part with my body so that my spirit can roam free, I swear on Starlight’s grave, I will find him and when I do, I will avenge my sister. Stick a spear right into his chest – just like what he did to Starlight.

I have to go now. I may not get a chance to say goodbye so let me say it now. Goodbye Llamrei. I hope that when you are old enough, you will read this. Just remember, mum isn’t evil: no matter what they say little sis, she was a kind brave young and beautiful, just like I can tell you will be.


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