The Unfortunate Advent

Bounding, Abi and Leanne raced over to the towering broccoli tree; they were both determined to climb on to the oak swing before each other to get the first go. The moist grass swaid side to side in the gentle breeze, surrounding the magnificent, colossal broccoli tree.The fraying rope was thoroughly worn down by the weather and the rough branch that held it all up; although, it was very precariously tied on and every now and then it would slip …                                    ‘CRASH’ It didn’t just slip, it had fallen.                                                                           “Help me get out of this tangled up mess, Abi.” Leanne whimpered as she was depressed because her dad had made the swing for her just before he died three years ago.


The Unfortunate Advent — 10 Comments

  1. Hi Jenna it’s Talia, I really loved your story. I liked that you used lots of ambitious vocabulary. Next time maybe try to use some conjnctions.

  2. Hi Jenna, great story you used loads of ambitious vocabulary and punctuation. You described everything very well. Was Abi hurt? How did her dad die?

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