The Unexpected

It was an early Saturday morning when Roxy was awoken by her Mother saying,                        ” Roxanna, please come down and have breakfast, then walk the dog.”                                      The fourteen year old girl was left home alone from 7:30am to 6pm every week day so she  knew what to do to look after herself, Ella (her little sister) and her dog Mia. This particular morning, everything was normal as she took Mia to the lake to throw some tennis balls into the deep, blue water for her and then Roxy bumped into her friend Lola (she was with her dog Milo).                ” Hey, what are you doing here this early?” asked Roxy.                                                            ” Oh, hey Roxy, my parents thought that I should walk Milo a bit earlier so then I had the rest of the day doing what I wanted,” replied Lola. They chatted for a while as the two dogs played, then Roxy strolled home with Mia.

The next day, Roxy took Mia to the lake again and out of nowhere sees a spoon the size of mansion with a massive, bright, red cherry on the top…

Roxy stood there in astonishment, staring at this…spoon, balancing on the water in the lake.        “What on Earth has happened here?” thought Roxy.                                                                  She saw Milo running up and down the spoon handle. In 10 seconds of seeing it she then called her Mother. The girl, still in shock of what her eyes could see, explained everything to Mother.

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