The Unexpected Day

Dear diary,

Today was the most amazing day ever- I didn’t realise it would end like this. It started off with me looking at the timetable of my day and believe me I had a busy day ahead of me, however the first thing I had to do I wasn’t very keen on doing. I looked outside at the pink and rose gold coloured clouds with hints of sun yellow on them and decided to get going with my jobs. The first job was to check on the people of the earth as I was a centaur, that was my job; to make sure they weren’t fighting or doing something bad. I don’t like this job as such, just because if a human sees you you have to live in a secret location just so the humans won’t find you and the secret location isn’t very nice. After a while, as I galloped over the candy-floss like clouds and gently taped my foot on them until, I came back to my home.

SLAP! Went the Unicorn post while I was eating lunch, I immediately went over to it and opened the envelope and I started reading the letter.

“Oh my gosh this is amazing,” I shouted out, I couldn’t believe it the mythical council have asked me to join them for tonights employing evening. I finally have a chance to be in the council ! So I put on my best golden outfit, sprinkled fairy dust over me and set off straight away to the Great Hall. When I got there I was invited in to see the head of the council Mr. Pegasus the most powerful creature there is. I bowed down to him, slightly trembling with admiration and that is when he cave me a scroll and it read: You have been nominated to join us in the mythical council do you accept. I burst out  with a huge yes and he told me to get some rest to be fit for tomorrow. Signing off for today with great anticipation for an exciting tomorrow.




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