The Two Excited Snowmen

On a clear white snowy morning, every snowmen came to life again. All the children outside and building tall, long snowmen every minute.”DAD” a child named Marlon screamed as loud as he could to get his attention.”LOOK” he yelled, ”Can we go outside please oh please?” Outside there was two snowmen having the time of there life, they were making snow angels laughing and also throwing snow balls at each other. It was very mysterious because all the other snowmen were just standing still and not having fun like these two rascals. The next day the snowmen were asleep in the cold wet snow.As the other snowmen who weren’t playing they asked if they could play with the two snow rascals, ”Yes yes sure you can play with anytime even until the snow melts.” A few hours later, the all of the snowmen got bored so they kept on walking and walking to see if they could find a place to sled… they found the best spot EVER!

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