The Turtle’s Traumatic Day

Timmy was sad, sadder than ever, the saddest a fish could be. His best friend (Martin,who was a fish,) got killed by a pieces of plastic- we were playing a game and Martin was really hungry so he ate some really tiny bits of plastic. A few days later I went down to his house, the door was open so I stepped in and I found him lead there dead.

“Help me get all the plastic out the sea; The Plastic Sea Hunt 31st of February 10am- 6pm,” Timmy called.                                                                                                                      “What a great idea!” shouted a clown fish.                                                                               “Why should we pick up the plastic in the sea?” asked a moody sting ray.                                   “Well my friend died because of plastic so I’m trying to save your lives,” Timmy replied.               “OK only if there’s free fish cake,” the sting ray laughed.                                                           “OK,” replied Timmy.

As soon as Timmy knew people were coming he had to get ready, it was tomorrow and he had to get everything done and dusted. He thought,                                                                          “I’ll mark out an area of where were going so all the fish can’t get lost.”                                      He then remembered he had to make fish cakes, and he had to get bags to put the rubbish in. It was going to be a long day.

“Wow look at this big bit of plastic, its so big I can’t even lift it up,” shouted the clown fish.          “I’ll help you,” Timmy chuckled.                                                                                              It was the day of The Plastic Sea Hunt it was going so well. Timmy was happy, happier than happy the happiest fish ever.

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