The Taurus constellation.

The Taurus is a star constellation for people who are born from the 21st April till the 21st May.

Personality traits for a Taurus are: reliable, dependable,  stable.

Their weaknesses may include having a temper, being lazy and saving energy for what they want to do not what others want.

If you are a Taurus you might enjoy eating good foods and entertaining. You will normally see the Taurus in the sky in winter and spring. The story behind Taurus is Zeus had fallen in love with Europa, daughter of King Agenor. Europa walked along the shore with her friends and suddenly Zeus appeared as white bull among them. Europa and her companions hung garlands of flowers around the bull’s neck because they felt no fear. Europa climbed on his back and the bull ferociously swam into the sea. Once they reached Crete Zeus revealed his true identity to Europa. Europa and Zeus’ first son introduced the bull culture to Crete.



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