The swimming Catastrophe

Every Tuesday – I have it tomorrow –  I had go swimming (I hated it.) I manly hated floating. As I dived down to touch the white and smooth tials, I noticed a strange reflection gleaming back at me; it looked like fire but it couldn’t of been, what was it? As I reached the surface I was in shock: it was real fire! “EVERYONE GET OUT THE POOL AND GO OUT THROUGH THE FIRE EXIT DOOR!” commanded the lifeguard. A fiery flame was about to reach the pool side. We did as we were told as the fire men rushed in weakening them down to sparks. “YIPPEE!” we all celebrated.


The swimming Catastrophe — 9 Comments

  1. Exiting story Jenna. I always enjoy reading your stories! I laughed when you put…”YIPPY!” next time try to use some more connectives. Still a fab story! Keep up the good work that you always do!

  2. Kia ora Jenna. Well done – I really enjoyed your 100 Word Challenge! Your descriptive words are very strong, such as ‘white and smooth tiles’ and ‘gleaming’. Your word choices add detail that make your work interesting to read. Keep up the excellent writing.

  3. Hi Jenna
    I was unsure whether you were all cheering because the fire had been put out or because you wouldn’t be able to go swimming anymore! I really liked the way you set the scene by telling the reader all about your swimming lessons and how you feel about them.
    Miss T team 100wc
    Hampshire, England

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