The story behind Scorpuis

Scorpius is one of the constellations of the zodiac made up out of 18 stars. It’s name is Latin for scorpion: it’s symbol is also a scorpion. You will know if you are Scorpius (scorpion) if your birthday is in between October 23rd to November 21st. The story of it is simple:

Scorpius and Orion are often together in Greek mythology… According to one myth, Orion boasted and said that he would kill every animal on the earth. The goddess-hunter Artemis and her mother, Leto, released a scorpion to then kill Orion. Zeus put the scorpion in the heavens after it won the battle and Orion was dead.



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  1. Some really interesting information James. I like the way that your work on Space is linking with Greek mythology. I didn’t know the story of Scorpious and Orion, so thanks for sharing.

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