The Standing Figure

I was just enjoying a day in the park when all of a sudden a shoe polish black figure came out of the abyss. “Aaaggghhh” I screamed dropping my phone hearing the cracking noise we all dred. Suddenly, my mind went black and all i cold see was darkness and thousands of mini… um… the image I saw about a minute ago. I was surrounded: no exit in sight, what was I going to do? They began to creep closer and one by on they leaped at me ripping my arm off, I did not think i would live to this day.


The Standing Figure — 3 Comments

  1. Well done James nice description and detail you had really punctuation aswell next time try to read it through to make sure there is no mistakes but really good

  2. hi James nice story. you spell dread like this. Like Anna said try to read through. I liked your story anyway. You used suspense in your writing well. Great work.

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