the spoon

One stormy morning Ella was getting ready for school when she saw a massive cherry on a spoon . She thought to her self that she would have a look after the stormy day at school .                  “Today you need to write a 5 page story in your big write books please”

“ok ” said Lola politely

after school Ella made her way to the spoon . she found out that there were steps all the way up to the top of the red and shiny cherry

“wow ” she quietly said to her self .”

2 hours later

At last she found the top of the big and white spoon . All of a sudden she noticed that it was a hotel and went in .                     “ding ding would you like to stay hear because we have a room booked for you Lola smith ”

“I haven’t booked a room (looking confused ) ”

“ok ”

Lola went out and went back down the awkward steps and back home .



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