The space Invaders

KABLEWY…   the space invaders were in Aries 1 and were about to steal the most valuable diamond in the world (well in the Universe actually) and were going to make a giant ray gun that can cut through anything that is solid, obviously it couldn’t cut through water.  Their hideout was  an old shack that was a mile or so away from a jewellery store (where they stole the diamond from).  The police were normally on patrol, but today they weren’t.  The space invaders decided it was a good time to find another solar system where they weren’t known and where they could sell the diamond for a lot of money.

They found a nearby ship and hopped on right before anyone saw them.   They decided to go to a place far away from Aries 1 so they went a few solar systems away and stopped at Leo minor, the second biggest solar system and the furthest one they could get their ship to without having to stop for gas as people might know them there and it would of been weird coming in for landing in a big ship like this.  When they got to Leo minor it seemed like nobody knew them that much but unluckily, a little boy that was about 5 years old recognised them and he yelled out “its the space invaders.” Then there was a big bang and nobody knew what it was, but it turns out it was the police and one of the police yelled out “space invaders you’re going to jail …”

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