The snowmen escape

“Jack wake up,” whispered Max. He was so surprised that he could speak as a snowman. To Max’s amazement Jack did actually wake up and Jack was just as shocked and surprised as Max was. ” AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHH I’m Alive and I am a snow… hold on My mouth is moving and noise is coming out; I can speak!” shouted Jack.                                “SSSSSHHHHH: yes we can speak and move but nobody can know about this,” cried Max. “Come on let’s go and explore the world Jack,” Max said impatiently. The first thing they went to look at was Buckingham palace because they were in London. They were very lucky to get inside the building. They had a look around for a bit and then right before there eyes they saw the Queen and they were super nervous that somebody had seen them.                            “Sargent have you been making snowmen in the house again after the last three times I have told you not to” yelled the Queen. Slowly the Queen turned around and when she had completely turned around they quickly made a speedy dash for it. When they had gone out of the door the Queen turned around and she looked very confused. “Phew, let’s not do that again,” cried Max.

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