The Snowmen

One day I was out walking and saw two snowmen called Jerry and James.  They had been made by two little kids who thought it would be funny to make snowmen and dress them up like real humans. It was hilarious to all of the kids walking by, especially to the 4 year olds who were in reception at school. To make it even funnier they put little signs pointing to the snowman’s head saying I have no brains and weird things like that. It was hard for the snowmen being laughed at almost every second of the day, so Jerry got mad and decided to take a stand. He did that by toppling himself over and playing dead, which James thought was stupid, because it would just make the kids laugh more.  And do you know what? It did. For quite a while they were the talk of the town, that is until the sun came and they both turned into puddles of water.

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