The Snow Fall

Finally, it was the morning, I’m not usually this excited for the morning because I never want to get out of bed but today is very very different… Last night, my parents went out for a meal so my Gran (Val), had to look after me. It was at that moment, I had just finished tea and I excitedly looked outside as it had started to snow! My whole face lit up with joy!  I went outside to see exactly how much it was snowing and it was really really heavy. I shouted “Gran, come here please, because its SNOWING!” She wasn’t very happy because she can’t sledge because she has a really bad back and it would make it even worse. That is sad!

So, now my parents are back, I’m going to wake them up and jump on their very big bed. “Mum, Dad wake up, It’s snowing!” I yelled.

“Sweetie go back to bed, its 5:00 in the morning,” sleepily exclaimed mum.                                 “Fine!” I say.  I’m firmly told to go back to bed on a promise that we will go sledging as soon as it gets light.  Can’t wait!

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