The Sea

My family and I quite often go to the beach. We all love surfing and we are quite good at it. My favourite part of the beach is the sea, it sparkles and shines when it is sunny. Our dog ( Kirra) loves getting in the sea and surfing . She has her own life jacket to keep her safe.

The sea is a mysterious place , sometimes calm and sometimes wild. When the weather is stormy the waves are large and dangerous and crash to the shore. After a storm there are usually things on the beach that the waves have brought in, this is called flotsam. It could be wood, shells, seaweed, broken fishing nets and even plastic, which is not good for the environment.

The strength of the waves is controlled by the moon: quite often at the time of the full moon the tide is very strong so swimmers need to be careful not to get into danger.

There are many creatures that live in the sea. The largest are whales; dolphins and seals are also quite big. I would love to see a whale or dolphin! Fishes, crabs, jellyfish and starfish are easier to spot in the sea or on the beach. I would love to live by the seaside.

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