The Ruler Of Space

The Raxxons flew down on their overflown space ship, and they were coming to invade earth. These retro like creatures had volcanic hair ( that could obliterate anything), super speedy blue legs, a yellow mouth and the ability to through barrels that would explode. The Groundlings were stupid : they had called us old, all the aliens thought as they threw destructive barrels at targets.

The gloomy shadow of their ship loomed over the earth full of peril. Now these people were getting ready to get to safety as the enemy drew near. The foul creatures were loading their cannons ready to vapourise Earth. Then as the mother plummeted into orbit it suddenly exploded into shards of tiny shrapnel! “What was that?” all the earthlings screamed as the remains shattered to the floor. The Raxxons were gone ; for now. that mind-blowing scene will hopefully never happen again. Until we call the them old again.



The Ruler Of Space — 1 Comment

  1. Hi Daniel, I loved your story as it was full of description and you used your ambitious vocabulary precisely. The MAPOS worked really well and you tried to include a variety of punctuation. To make it even better next time check your homophones and remember Earth is a proper noun! Well done. Very engaging. 🙂 🙂

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